Attempt to get length of an instance error

Hello, I’m wanting to store the amount of players in a value so that the game can keep track of how many players are left and to know who to reward wins to at the end of a round. I keep getting an ‘attempt to get length of instance error’ if I try and add
PlayersInRound.Value = PlayersInRoundValue + #players. at line 16.

If I don’t put the line there, it instead errors with an ‘attempt to call a string value’ error at line 55 with
Status.Value "There were no survivors."

I did look this up on the DevForum, but I didn’t find anything that was using it in the same context that I am using it for here.

if RoundInProgress.Value == true then
for _, players in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do
	players.InRound.Value = true
	local char = players.Character
	char.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = MatchSpawn.CFrame
		for _, players in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do
		local char = players.Character
			char.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = Lobby.SpawnLocation.CFrame
for i = Results, 1,-1 do
				RoundInProgress.Value = true
				CanDropMeteors.Value = true
				if PlayersInRound.Value > 0 then
				Status.Value = "Congratulations to the survivors!"
				elseif PlayersInRound.Value <= 0 then
				Status.Value "There were no survivors."

If ‘Status’ is a string value, this shouldn’t error.

I believe this is because, ‘players’ is an instance. When you’re were looping through the player service, you used 'player’s as the iterator, hence it returns the actual player instance. Remove the #

I got an “attempt to perform arithmetric on number and instance” error, same line

That means you’re trying to add a number value to an instance. Perhaps you should consider using the length operator of the Player service, #game.Players:GetPlayers()

Or I suggest using a table, and inserting the players at the start of the round, and comparing using # to check how many players are within the table. This way you could remove them if needed in different conditional factors, e.g has already died.

Yeah you’re trying to add an instance:

‘players’ is the instance