Attempt to Index Nil with 'PlayerGui'

Hey! I am using a service known as TopbarPlus, and it keeps erroring even though I haven’t modified the script at all. So I am going to modify it now to fix it. The error piece of code follows:

local localPlayer = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
local playerGui = localPlayer:FindFirstChild("PlayerGui")
topbarPlusGui.Parent = playerGui

This is only a snippet of the script; the script is 300+ lines long.

The error occurs on line 3 and I don’t know why it’s erroring, because I got this from an official website and this is a module script, so it should be able to call local players.

Thank you for your time.

try using it without findfirstchild, if it doesn’t work try using waitforchild

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you can’t get the local player from a module script… only if it was required from a local script…

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if module was required by client then it can, servers cant

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yeah just noticed that, thanks though

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so apparently i was using the program wrong; i was supposed to make a LocalScript (with the same code) and put it as a child of StarterPlayerScripts; thanks for trying to help though

then mark this reply as the solution

what would WaitForChild() Change? Aren’t local scripts execute when player object is created? Just do localPlayer.PlayerGui

well i use it sometimes, it gave me errors that playergui was nil sometimes so yh

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