Attempt to make future bass music, again

Made this under 3 hours because why not (yes, I did use some free loops, which is probably something I shouldn’t do when making music), and here it is I guess:

Feedback would be great.


Wow, that soundtrack is great! I dont have anything to say about that other than this, its just perfect for me.

By the way where did you make that sound?


I use FL Studio for making it. I’m also using samples from Cymatics, which I highly recommend. Thanks for the feedback!


Right, I forgot, I updated the album cover because the previous one is dumb, anyways.

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Great idea dude! Sorry for replying so late. I recently got the ability to reply I guess.

Things I liked:

  • I absolutely LOVE the chords dude!
  • The buildup is EPIC.
  • Nice beat in the first and second drop!

Things to Improve:
Sorry if I’m being harsh or a little mean

  • Work on the mix so that some sounds aren’t too loud or quiet.
    - For example, the drums are too loud and the SAWS are quiet.
  • The beat is a little complicated, it sounds like a hardcore type beat. make the beat simple, but a lot of FX such as down sweeps, risers, percussion sounds, etc.
  • Make your SAWS sound more FULLER by processing them. For example, add CamelCrusher (Distortion VST) to make your saws sound more FULL.
  • Add a lead to the drop! It’ll help out a lot.
  • The SAWS get very repetitive, so for the break, I recommend different chords, and then use different chords but in the same key for your drop.

bass will be ur best friend trust me lul :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is like the most detailed feedback I ever got so far, and the most helpful. Thanks!

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can i use this music in my game :hugs: Stream UwU by QwertyAndrew (2019 - 2022) | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Sounds nice. I’d go into a video editor and add some voice effects between clips such as two faced or synth to make some parts sound different. What application did you use to make this?