Attempted to make a pencil, how's it looking?

I’ve recently gotten the hang of building and I’ve attempted to make a pencil.
I’d probably want some feedback for this, my first time building some more complex stuff.
(Yes, I know I didn’t build some of it correctly. I didn’t use a reference image so don’t plunder me with some angry responses of the same thing. Please.)



i think the tip is too plain and there is no tan color on the tip maybe try to fix that

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Make the end tan as the others said and negate the tip using a black part to make it look like graphite.

Also, add some kind of a metal ring on the back end in a hexagonal shape that is just a bit bigger than the eraser to cover up the edges popping out.


I like it, I think for someone who has only just started building this is very good. The fact you were able to use CSG (constructive solid geometry), to line up the pencil’s head with the shaft is also very good, and the overall aesthetic is good, considering you did this without any reference photos.

However, I have several recommendations, the first is if you are trying to make a detailed model, always have a reference photo, either on paper or on your computer, and if possible a cross section of the object, which can be uploaded into roblox as either a decal or texture, helps me incredibly to make a successful build.

If you want to make it more detailed I would also recommend that you have more colours in the head of the pencil. 2/3 of the pencil should be wood material whilst the last 1/3 should be that black colour. To achieve this make duplicate the head and work out the length of it from tip to the bottom. Then using a block that can cover the whole diameter of the cone, negate it and for one, from the base of the cone up to 2/3 of the length, negate it. This’ll leave you with the lead tip. and from the tip of the cone to 1/3 of the length, then negating it will leave you with the wooden part.

From there you can then change it’s part colour and material. Remember that to change Part colour (which you probably know), you need to enable UsePartColour in the properties of an object.

Hope this helps,


Tip could look a little not-sharpenned style, other than that you could make a little metal holder for the eraser (how commmon pencils have). you can also make it a little longer :slight_smile:

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Also try Writing the Pencil Graphite (whatever it is) type, like HB

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Your CSG is at a great start. Try making the pencil more detailed and it’d be better;
Add a ferrule, make the tip tan while you’re making the lead black. Also make the pencil a little longer.

Good start!

Looks greats! But, I could name a couple things which could help with this pencil. 1. Maybe you could experiment with colors?
2. Adding more detail where the eraser is.
There is so many amazing things you could do with this pencil to make it better step by step, I hope you like my suggestion. :smiley:

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Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the feedback!
I haven’t used CSG at all in this build, since I’d usually not prefer it for everyday use due to its problems and limitations.

Luckily for the graphite part of the pencil, I’ve created it all out of Roblox parts, then exported it as a single mesh in order for the graphite to fit and scale nicely. Works much better than resizing a model. For the tan part of the graphite, I can just easily subtract the geometry using Cinema4D’s awesome tools. (much more intuitive than Blender in my opinion)

The orange part of the pencil (which is the shaft…?) doesn’t use CSG either. I’ve achieved the graphite part and the shaft, using my own plugin. And most people are right, I could make the tip less sharper, because right now it kinda looks like a pointy spike.

Anyway, thank you for the kind feedback.

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For someone who has only just started building this is amazing! However I think you should try and focus on the tip a bit more as it just looks very bland and plain, however very good build for just starting! :slightly_smiling_face: