From A-to-B - Draw lines from mouse points, start and end

For the past few days, I have been working on my first plugin to ever be released to the public. Here it is.

The basic things that this plugin does is draw lines from two mouse points, with the raycasting method. Additionally, all parts do not collide with the ray, and won’t prevent your line from reaching the desired length and position. But still though, the amount of possibilities with a plugin of a simple idea are endless! With over 200 lines of code, you can create anything out of this!

(Random thingy made out of the plugin, with Use Mouse.Target.Position instead enabled)

Here’s a small test when I made the first part of my local plugin before I finished it up to be bigger.

When you open up the plugin, you get a GUI that should look like this:
Tooltips that describe what each setting does appear upon hovering the setting names as shown in this GIF.

If snapping to grid is enabled (in its settings), you can write down your own custom grid size, from 0.001 to 100 studs.

If Use Mouse.Target.Position instead is on, grid snap will be overrided, and your mouse target’s position will be used instead (the part your mouse is hovering on), which is useful for precisely creating some lines and shapes.

What was the need for making this?
As far as I have searched, there has been no plugins at all which have allowed you to draw lines from mouse points. I made one because I feel that this will help some people at any cost, and me too. Building from scratch while trying to get a good line to go somewhere correctly and so on, is a long and tedious process without even a single use of this plugin.

Also, this is my first ever plugin to be released to the public, so let me know with some good feedback, bug reports, and suggestions. There’s a few bugs that I’m already aware of (e.g. “Forbidden” error, “Cannot load assets from client”), but I’ll fix and add and improve whatever I can within my freetime. I’m a hobbyist developer, I have all the time in the world to listen.


  • Roblox user ThatChristianGuy for providing grid snap method (I’m not completely a ROBLOX math expert yet, so a small bit of help definitely made my life easier.)

  • Stravant’s geometry tools as a source of inspiration

Rest of the plugin was made myself.

sorry guys, forgot to share the download link very long ago and never realized: From A-to-B (draw lines from mouse points) - Roblox


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