Attempting to create a gamepass under the Store tab redirects you to the Creator Dashboard’s homepage

Description of Bug

This bug occurs when accessing any of your experiences on Roblox, and clicking on the Store tab of the game, where you are able to click on the “Add Pass” button. Instead of leading you to a page on the Creator Dashboard to directly edit the gamepass, it leads you to the homepage of the Creator Dashboard.

At the moment, it seems to be trying to redirect users to:

(Change the INSERTIDHERE to your experience’s ID.)

Where it Happens

On any published experience that you own as a user, under the Store tab of the game.

When it Happened

As of 13th August 2023. I was trying to create a game pass 7 hours ago, and it seemed to actually lead me to a working legacy Creator page. An engineer might have patched this soon after but didn’t update the redirects.

Videos of Bug

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Repro Steps

  1. Go to any published game that you own on the website.
  2. Go to the Store tab and attempt to create a new gamepass.
  3. Attempting to do so just redirects you to Creator Dashboard Homepage instead of the actual Gamepass creation page.
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Interesting…looking into this. We deprecated that old develop URL quite some time ago; curious, did this just start happening, or was it only discovered recently (and more likely it’s just been like this for a long time)


As far as I know, I can only say that this issue was occurring recently, since I’ve never tried creating a game pass through the Store page of games until a day ago.

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We couldn’t repro this, assuming everything is ok. Are you still having the issue?

Apologies for the delayed reply, but yes - I’m still facing the same issue:

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