Attempting to DM @bug-reports returns 403 and "drafts offline"

I’ve been trying to report a bug to the bug report team, and while trying to do so, I came across another bug that’s disrupting my contact. I’ve waited several hours and the problem persists.

While writing my message, this warning appears on the corner.

And when I try to send the message itself, this error shows.

No clue what it is, but it is preventing me from DMing the bug reports group at all.

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The forum has been going in and out the past few days, might be maintenance or just somethings up with the servers. Try again when the “drafts offline” message is gone.

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Probably related to this:


Update: Issue seems to be happening upon trying to link a raw pastebin file. Upon removing the link the “drafts offline” was gone. Unsure if this happens with other types of links.


@httpDerpyy Any chance you can send me that pastebin link? You can reach out to me via email

I can try to find it, it was a pastebin for my Roblox Crash Dump Logs before I figured out you had to Dm them to a specific group in the forum.

Once I’m home I’ll try to get it.