Attempting to log into the Devforum yields an error 400 on the Roblox site on every attempt

When attempting to log into the Devforum, the Roblox site yields an error 400. This is a problem because it obviously prevents people from logging into the developer forum.

This bug is happening every time a login is attempted. Steps to reproduce are:

  1. From a logged out client, attempt to log in to
  2. It will yield a 400 error.

To the best of my knowledge this started happening today, though it may have been happening earlier and just gone unreported due to its nature of restricting access to the developer forum.

As this will prevent your access to the devforum, if you are attempting to reproduce it please do so in another browser or platform.


Hi, I’ve been reduced to messenger boy today. A devrel staffer wanted to post here, but they can’t post themselves because… yeah, they can’t log in. Shocker.

They are looking into the issue and will update the topic when it is resolved.


Thank you for the report, our team will be actively investigating this issue.


I only have a problem logging on my phone but on my iPad it works fine if I refresh.


For me it only seems to be a problem related to certain browsers. I’m currently able to use the forum perfectly fine via Google Chome on IPhone, however, attempting to use Safari will result in said error.


This issue happend to me today, I just waited, and then it finally got fixed! Please do not do the same mistake as me, by logging off.


Seems to work fine for me on my Firefox Quantum!

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Quick update, our team has investigated and updated the forum to fix the issue.

Thanks all, have a great weekend!


Thank you very much for fixing this issue @Nightgaladeld!


Thanks so much, Now i can log into the DevForums again from my laptop with out having that annoying error always happen!