Attempting to make the player's hands attach to a turret

I’m currently trying to get the player’s hands to attach to a turret while seated in the car’s turret seat. The turret can turn while the player stays stationary. I want the player’s torso/arms to rotate with the turret’s handles as it aims around.

The main problem is in the way I want this done - just editing the motor6d’s seems prohibitively complicated, so I wanted to get this done using constraints.

I’ve tried using constraints and disabling the player’s joints, which works fine but for whatever reason the joints seem to have rotation limits even if they are disabled? So they just won’t rotate right.

I also tried removing the attachment from the base of the player’s arm to disconnect it, and then created a new attachment in place of it, and using alignposition/gyro to join the two instead but it keeps acting like the arm is still attached to the player physics-wise, so it pulls the player towards the arms and shakes the whole car. I made sure the attachment was pulling from the arm-side and not the character’s side.

I also tried just cloning the arms, but they don’t retain the way they look on the character

If it were you, what would you do? Is there any way to clone arms while maintaining the look of them? Can I get rid of the strange “hard lock” that seems to be holding the arms/shoulder to specific angles (Perhaps the rigs bones?), even when their motor6d is disabled?


Found the problem, in this game there were constraints set for ragdolling the player, that I had to also disable to get the “full range of motion”

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