Attempting to open / edit a LinkedSource fully crashes studio now

Whenever attempting to open any LinkedSources, Studio will now full crash.

This bug just started happening after the last patch, and I haven’t seen any problems

Here’s the log dump that relates to the issue:

1590704996.68142,08d8,6 ======== Studio Universe Assets Times =======
1590704996.68142,08d8,6 UniverseLoadAssetsTime : 11.2403 sec
1590705011.96063,08d8,6 Info: RobloxScriptDoc::open - start
1590705011.96563,08d8,6 Info: RobloxScriptDoc::activate - start
1590705011.98464,08d8,6 C:\teamcity-agent\work\trunk_ninja_studio-x64\Client\RobloxStudio\ScriptEditor\LSP\src\DocumentManager.cpp(11) ASSERTION FAILED: !textDocItem.uri.empty()

Happens to me with a 100% occurrence as well. Thankfully this doesn’t appear to have broken live games in any way.

Thanks for reporting! We will fix this asap. If you don’t mind, can you send me your place file in a private message? So we can make sure we don’t break it again.

Edit: This should have been fixed now.


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