Attempting to save multiple Values in a Folder

I’m trying to save the values of every numbervalue, boolvalue and intvalue in the Values folder under startercharacter, but I don’t know how to do that. I’ve tried a bunch of tutorials and looked for a bunch of methods but none seem to work.


So you probably want to do this on a server, and learn how to use leaderstats. I would research leaderstats tutorials and these will help you alot.

So would it be better to remake the entire folder through the sevrerscript instead and save everything through there? For example:

local Folder =“Folder”)

local Value =“BoolValue”)
Value.Parent = Folder

and so on?

Yes exactly, but rename Folder to ‘leaderstats’ in that capitalization. And also rename your local Value to whatever it is. Aswell as that, make sure to change “BoolValue” to your value type.

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no you dont. You would loop through it using getchildren and for those children loop them and create a table then save that table to the database

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Yes that would work too, but in your case wouldn’t you use GetDescendents?

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@enjoyer_roblox @NoDripDylan1

So I can do this

but it feels redundant with how many I would have to do, and this is just for one folder


Is their a better solution?

I was thinking of just looping through the entire folder and looking for if the item is a boolvalue, numbervalue and so on then save it, but idk how to save it

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