Attempting to tween lower CameraMaxZoomDistance, output error


This is my script and this is my output error, any help is appreciated.

Sorry, can you show the entire script? I don’t know what these variables are.


You have to do it using Player.CameraMaxZoomDistance and not with StarterPlayer.

Change Distance to the player.
CameraMaxZoomDistance is a property so it doesn’t have a property named CameraMaxZoomDistance.

Also StarterPlayer will change it to new players that join the server and not for the player you want it to change.


local Distance = player

or just use the player variable

Slightly confused

Delete the distance variable and replace distance with player where you make and play the tween.

Animate the Player’s CameraMaxZoomDistance instead. StarterPlayer contains the defaults, and doesn’t control the active settings.

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
-- replace the Distance variable with this, as you can't animate numbers alone
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If you are still confused, where you create the tween do

ts:Create(player,, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear), zoom):Play()

and delete

local Despair = player

You haven’t defined player at that part of the script and its unnecessary to do it after you defined it because you already have a player variable

Oh no I understood finally, just the original wording slightly confused me.
Thanks for the help!

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