ATTENTION Short Stories Writers!

I am currently working on a project and I am in need of a talented writer to help me by writing a few short stories for me, it can be for what ever you like, any genre any subject, you know something that will interest anyone at any age.

If you are interested please let me know!

What is it for? Will there be pay?

this is for a project i am working on, more information will be given to those who are willing to help.

As for pay: I am willing to pay just show me what you got and we can set a price.

If its horror, then talk to tyringe22 (I forgot how to spell his username, hes that really good horror game maker here on the forums)

I appreciate your mention, but I’ve got far too much going on right now. Also, I enjoy writing by all means but I’m never good at it when given a specific prompt. Usually it has to be personal to me.

I hate these sorts of posts that make a tall order but don’t even want to describe the theme/ setting of the game they want these people to apply for.

It may be because they want to keep their game secretive or original so no-one-will-steal-pls, but instead this just makes them seem completely incompetent. There is no way a good game can come out of this if you’re this cookie-cutter about how you treat writing.


I’m assuming these stories will be some kind of game content, perhaps found in books or stories related by an in-game character. If so there are LOTS of copyright free short stories at Project Gutenberg, though most of them are somewhat old (hence no copyright).

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