Attribute being set, but not showing up?

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

local Player = Players.LocalPlayer

--// function that returns device

print("Device:", Device, "Touch:", IsTouch)

Player:SetAttribute("Device", Device)
Player:SetAttribute("IsTouch", IsTouch)

print("SET", Player:GetAttribute("IsTouch"))
-- RobuxShopUI

As you can see, the script that sets the attribute is fired and finished FIRST. So there’s no reason (RobuxShopUI) should be printing nothing?

It also doesn’t show on my players attributes?? To my knowledge, there is no limit on how many attributes can be set

I’m also NOT setting it to nil anywhere:



returns nil

is nil
he cant know that if i :heart: this

I do a print, the print returns a valid response. The function is not returning nil values

There is a limit per instance but apparently it’s very large and unlikely to be reached.


However your issue is occurring because you’re setting the attribute from a local script, the article linked above states.

Q. Are they replicated from the client to server?
A. No. Attributes respect filtering rules, the only exception to this is team-create.

If you look at my prints you can see I am referencing it from the client… I never reference the attribute from the server, and the output even says CLIENT… hence this is not the problem :man_facepalming:


Wasn’t sure because of this.

That has nothing to do with my question