Attributes are not currently enabled

Reproduction Steps
Even though Attributes has been live for a few months now, my Analytics keep catching “Attributes are not currently enabled” errors.

local attribute = instance:GetAttribute("Attribute")

It has been reported a couple of times in the Attribute announcement threads.

Expected Behavior
I expect Attributes to be enabled for all players. Are some players playing in a client where Attributes is not live yet?

Actual Behavior
Using the live feature Attributes errors for some players.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often


For now as a workaround, you could make it a pcall function and if it errors have a value instance as well for backwards compatibility


You say you have some analytics on it, how frequent are we talking? On a spectrum of “every server runs into it” to “I only saw it a couple of times” where does it land?

They are enabled, and nothing has changed about that since they were announced as enabled.


It’s happening for less than 1% of the servers/players, but consistently every day.

About the nothing has changed since they were announced as enabled, that makes sense because this error has been occurring ever since I implemented it (when it was announced as enabled).

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I’d like to report it too, I made a game that loads in very fast as it has not even Characters enabled and I get this error lots of times. (80 KB file)

However, in a game that is lots bigger and takes a long time to load I got this error 0 times with the
same Script. (5.5 MB file) (There I only experienced a stack overflow error on rare occasions for :GetAttribute())

So maybe there is a correlation between “too fast” loading and the bug?

Maybe before the game has properly loaded there is a small time frame where Attributes are disabled?

Is by chance one of the games available on different platforms than the other? (such as one being available on XBox but not the other)

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We made a change that should fix this but if you’re still seeing it in a week or two from now then let me know and I’ll take a closer look :slight_smile:


Both games have set Playable Devices to: Computer, Phone, Tablet

The game where the error occurred 0 times (only rare “stack overflow” errors on :GetAttribute) has 37k Visits and the game where the error occurred very often had only like 30 Extra Visits after implementing :GetAttributes()

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