AU | Australia - Hiring Programmers, Builders & 3D Modelers [Up to 5,000R$/month]

About Us

Hello - I am AnthonyJAbbott, owner of AU | Australia (AU | Australia - Roblox).

We’re a roleplay simulation in a community known as ‘Ro-Nations’. We have a functioning government that is democratically elected, with a functioning parliament, police force, security service, defence force, media sector, judicial system, private sector and thriving community. To expand our horizons, we are seeking new, energetic and experienced developers to join our ranks. Our main game, Sydney, currently receives about 4000-6000 players a month, which is exponential within our community.

The Team
@Sparky500000000 - Builder
@AnthonyJAbbott - Builder
@Blue_Heelers - Builder/Emergency Service Vehicles
@PompeyMorrison - Tools, Builder, Military Equipment/Vehicles
@RicardoPinochet - Aesthetics
@BorisPJohnson - Treasury Representative
@andrewconstance - Public Transport Manager

Sydney is largely a complete game. It has some minor bugs, but generally it is functional. However, we are planning to overhaul it or continue our work on an outback town in Australia which will be fully role-play oriented.

Sydney: Sydney, NSW - Roblox
Parliament: Parliament House - Roblox
Outback town project (Alice Springs): project - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for various developers who are interested in joining a great community and working collaboratively to advance Australia, as a group, and to join in with the fun along the way.

Over the next few months, with Australians heading on school break, we are going to begin working on either overhauling Sydney or starting an entirely new project. Work that builders are usually tasked with are:

  • Building realistic structures in line with Google Maps or pictures provided, with a modern theme. Australian cities IRL have a lot of Victorian architecture too, so we do have a variety of styles in our games.
  • Building shop interiors to the specifications of businesses which have purchased land in Sydney from the Federal Treasury.
  • Keeping buildings relatively detailed and realistic, but placing more emphasis on lag mitigation rather than showcasing detail.

Programmers would be given various tasks aimed at encouraging roleplay, such tasks we have in mind are:

  • In-game roleplay animations
  • Working mobile phone which can communicate with emergency services, other players
  • An arrest/citation criminal database
  • Enhanced criminal activity/missions
  • In-game vitals (health, hunger, thirst)
  • Customisation of cars (paint colour, accessories)
  • Bug fixes
    and so much more that I could not possibly list here, we have so many ideas to take our group forward!

3D modellers would be tasked with:

  • Creating vehicles that are common in Australia, such as: Holden Commodore VE, Ford Falcon XR6, Ford Territory, Mitsubishi Magma, and much more.
  • Keeping the triangle count relatively low. Usually, when a server is up running in Sydney, there can be 15+ cars moving about in game and this has been known to cause a bit of lag (hence why we want to overhaul the cars).
    Side note: We are also considering CSG vehicles if they suit our standards, feel free to send us examples!


Sydney currently generates a modest amount of ROBUX every month, peaking at about 30,000 in October (in line with a wave of updates we integrated, thus encouraging activity) which is much higher than our humble beginnings. It is earned through, largely, Developer Products which convert Robux into in-game Australian Dollars. Additionally, gamepasses and property purchasing inside of Sydney generates excess revenue.

As such, we are able to pay around 1000R$ - 5000R$ a month for developers who are interested via Group Payout (so no affect with tax), with lots of potential to increase as revenue increases and our group grows.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, via Twitter at: or through Discord - DM tony#5801.

You must be 13 years or older to apply - location is not an issue, we have developers from America, the UK and Australia.


Having previously worked with the group I believe that this is a great opportunity for developers and I’d highly recommend any builders to apply for this, good communication and good pay. :+1:


I’m interested in taking this position.

I have reached out to you on discord.


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3D modelling is a little easier for us to pay per asset, so that can be negotiated. DM me on Disc. tony#5801.

I’m extremely interested in this Position, I see it as a good opportunity for me and just to help out. Heres my Portfolio I’ve also reached out to you on Discord “Human#0806” I’m mainly a builder and I believe my style would be great with your game.

Very interested! Adri#2499
I’ve sent a PM already hopefully we get to work with each other!

I sent a friend request on discord,BK

Also - we are seeking someone experienced with terrain (preferably brick AND roblox terrain) to work on the landscape of our new game


Interested in this, I’m an Environmental Artist.

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5,000 R$ is $17.50/month at devex

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