Aubari Handbook


Welcome to Aubari’s Official Handbook. Are you looking for alliance requirements? Want to join our Management Team? Do you need further assistance? Our handbook has been strategically made to resolve all of these concerns. Feel free to browse through our information segments. We hope one of them is able to answer any questions you may have!

Aubari is non-supportive of any demeanor presenting violence, hate speech, or discrimination, and it is our job to deal with individuals who devastate the delight of our players. Our parlor operates as an object of both fun and fairness; therefore, it is up to our Management Team to supervise and maintain both our games and communications server, keeping them free from intolerance, hateful comments, or provocative statements.

Any inappropriate behavior within Aubari premises can lead to penalties such as a server ban or permanent ban. If you feel unsafe in the parlor environment, immediately contact us through our group wall or communications server, as your safety is crucial to us.

Consequences Guide

Our consequence guide can be found below:

Trolling → Reminder, Server Ban

Inappropriate Clothing → Reminder, Server Ban

Starting Drama → Reminder, Server Ban

Bypassing → Server Ban

Intentionally Glitching (3D Clothing, glitching through walls) → Server Ban

Sexually Inappropriate Behavior → Permanent Ban

Racial/Derogatory Slurs → Permanent Ban

Discriminatory Remarks → Permanent Ban

Exploiting → Permanent Ban

Updates & Patch Notes

The Aubari Development Team has been planning many features for our parlor, which include expanding the area for additional activities, seating options, and meals. We are committed to bringing our players seasonal occasions alongside fresh and exciting additions, which improve the gameplay and overall enjoyment. Our first release begins the new era of ROBLOX parlors!

Dress Code

At Aubari, we approve of any clothing that strictly follows our standards of appropriate-looking attire. Our main goal is to allow our younger players safe and secure gameplay without flaws. Therefore, we expect a standard outfit from all customers and workers that may define personality and nature. Following this guideline, there is a discountenancing towards sexually inappropriate, NSFW, racist, homophobic, and gameplay-breaking avatars. Our main objective is to care for our players with a zero-tolerance policy towards shameful or hateful behavior of any sort, including the expression of it through a ROBLOX avatar. Failing to follow our guidelines can result in consequences, including completely removing your access to our facilities.

Management Requirements

The Aubari Management Team constantly seeks to recruit new members who succeed in proving their determination and dedication toward our company. Your contributions through every promotion will lead you to the top of our ranks, where your decisions will ultimately determine the overall look of Aubari.

The Staff Assistant role is the first Management Rank and the beginning of your long and thrilling journey. You can either receive promotion by consistent activity at the parlor or pass the application when they are open. Ensure that you meet all listed requirements below.

  • You must be in our group ranked as a Senior Scooper.

  • You must not have safe chat.

  • Your account must be at least 365 days old.

  • You must be in our Communications Server.

  • You must maintain professionalism and proficient English grammar.

You must have enabled a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on all accounts.

Alliance Information

Our Public Relations department is thrilled to welcome you to the information segment of our communication services. Our department must hold firm and friendly relations with all affiliated groups, contributing to a solid bond despite all obstacles.

To become one of our affiliates and gain all the benefits from allying with our group, your company must fulfill the following requirements. You must provide our department with the communicative and reputational side of your industry.

Ensure that your group passes the requirements presented below.

  • Your ROBLOX group must have at least 10 members.
  • Your Communications Server must have at least 30 members.
  • You must hold a well-maintained reputation within the ROBLOX industry, including a good history with Aubari. Our group does not approve companies displaying a negative effect on their players or other businesses.
  • You must not sell any form of Management+ Ranks. Dedication and hard work must earn all ranks within your Management Team.
  • Activity as the key to our partnership. We expect from your game constant activity, as well as a declaration of announcing requested by us Aubari-related events, additionally, being able to host collaborative events alongside us.
  • Shows similarity in the industry to Aubari. We accept bakeries, juice bars, restaurants, cafes, salons, parlors, and clothing stores. Nevertheless, we do not accept hotels, airlines, army groups, and schools.
Safety & Privacy

We ask our players to ensure they are staying internet-safe and avoid anyone frankly demanding their data or personal information. The Aubari Management Team will never ask or try to gain intimate details regarding your account or individual self. We strictly prohibit any data abuse, leading to an immediate blacklisting from our company if engaged. Never share your private information with anyone, as the risk of abuse is high.

For your safety, please yield to the following tips:

  • Enable the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) set up on your ROBLOX and Discord Accounts.
  • Create strong, lengthy passwords for all accounts you create.
  • Do not accept random friend requests or click sketchy links from people you do not know.
  • If you feel someone within the Aubari community may be trying to steal your account or any personal information, block them immediately and report them to a member of our High-Rank Team with screenshotted or video-recorded evidence.
Community Engagement

Our Communication Team, besides leading our partnerships, also hosts multiple community activities such as events, games, and competitions. Every verified member of our Communication Server can experience and compete with other players within these events. Before participating in one of the activities, be aware of all Aubari server requirements and regulations to ensure you fully understand the expectations of participating in an event.

Credits & Acknowledgements

We would like to thank every person supporting Aubari from the early stages. However, the following individuals have shown enormous help in running our services: XxCandy2372xX, jaycoztrin, d1_shing, bakvry, loviinqissyy, and many more. You have been incredible, and we hope to extend our success more and more thanks to your support.

Biggest thank you to our Owners, Magik445 and ceausi.

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