[AUD150 - 200$] Cyrto Studio - Programmers, Animators


About Us?

Gday Fellow gamers! We Are a new upcoming studio that is striving to become a high tier production studio.Our vision is to become the next big studio.

The Game?

CrytoBlox Is a Open World RPG game. You’ll be able to explore, adventure and create memories to last a lifetime. Become the next champion and slay the dungeon Bosses, travel around the CRYTO universe through multiple worlds. Your imagination is your limitation. Play with friends or solos, and at the end of the day come back to the Hub world to show off your exclusive gear. This game is a slow grind game, supposed to keep the characters entertained for hours exploring adventuring and fighting while prestiaging to increase XP and player status.


Aurora - Roblox
Hub World - Roblox


Please Note There is much more then just the photos listed here.

About the Job
Looking for experinced scripters, someone who see more potential within this game then the listed price. We’re looking for mature member of the community who can provide a useful portfolio.


You’ll be creating the main core system with our other Programmer. This will include but not limited to, money system, mission system, leaderboards and enemie NPC pathfinding and E systems.

Must Must show previous Examples.
Must Have 1+ Years Of Experince.
Not Looking for half pie programmers.


You’ll be working closely with our programmers to create the walking, jumping, attack and verious animations.

Must show previous Examples



$150 AUD Budget Which is paid once the game is released and is maximum budget for both Programmer and Animator. $150 Budget is highly flexable and can be expanded.

There is also 4k in funds which can either be paid out or put towards advertisements.
All new coming members, will earn a fixed percentage earnings of

25% - Programmer
15% - Animator

The Team
@LuciferVonhart - Lead Developer / Owner
@Mryoloswag2 - Builder
@Frqstbite Programmer
(Open) - Programmer
(Open ) - Animator

How To Apply Or Ask for More Information?

Please Make All Enquires to My Discord HoodLess#9548


Cryto Studio - Roblox
Discord Code in Shout

You do not need 3 years experience to do:

at most you need a year to do it well.


not even a year, 3-5Months at max.

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Alright, thanks. I’m a builder so i’d thought something like that would be a bit complex and harder to learn.

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Also, just a little update on something i didn’t add basically the game is ready to launch when scripting is complete into Alpha and Beta Testing.

I’d like to animate for you guys, I friended you on discord, mine is parkerski#1862. Looks like a good job!

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I see that you will pushing out a big game, I would like to help for the translation from English to Dutch, you don’t have to pay me I just want to help developers but I would appreciate it!

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Still looking for programmers. Please do not friend me if you’re learning or basically a seller (AKA leaves after the next day) I’m flexiable on times and $$$

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