Audio always plays at level 10, regardless of setting

Recently, I’ve come across a strange audio glitch when working on some of my current projects. The issue is that there is no audible different between Roblox volume level 1 and 10. Regardless of your Roblox volume settings, it will always be blasting the user with level 10 audio.

This happens both in studio client testing and in game. It occurs on all Roblox places, very consistently, in fact near constantly. I’m using Windows 10 and it can be replicated on both headphones and built in PC speaker, I’ve only experienced this on PC. My sound driver is the standard Realtek High Definition Audio. I hope for this to be resolved, as it is currently very hard to balance audio in game when the behavior is at 10 for the sounds.

Thank you for your time,


Hey Scotty,

Do you think you can send a link to the place or audio? Thanks for reading.


It happens across all places but I’ll make a recording to demonstrate how there is no differentiation between the audio levels. Allow me an hour or so, busy atm.

Alright, sounds cool (:

Here you can see there is no audible difference between each level. However, be aware the reason it sounds quieter after I click is due to the lower volume “Oof” sound having priority, the first and last times I demonstrate are the best examples. Of course, it is highly apparent in game and it’s certainly not subtle even in the low quality Roblox recorder.

That sounds like it’s working as intended from the video as far as I can tell? :thinking:

Good morning,

That sounds perfectly normal for me. I think your audio should be fine in all honesty, nothing to worry about! (:


The recording did not reflect it very well, I may try to make a new video with better software. The problem is volume level 1 is the exact same loudness as volume level 10. The “Oof” gets quieter but all the sounds in game are still blaring.

Maybe you could post a link to the game? Or you can try to make a new video with better software.

This is a weird but interesting problem. Hopefully we can figure out the solution to it.


I’m hoping to resolve it too, again, it is occurring across all places, I’ll try to make a video with better software, or I might even use my phone audio recorder so you can get a true example.

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