Audio copyright problem

Hello everyone!
I’m currently creating a game, and I need to add a music to it.
I found a sound with no copyright, and when I uploaded it, I started my game to see if it works. The answer is no (for the game, the audio don’t exists), and I have this error displayed in the audio’s profile page:

This is why I can’t play the sound. But, like I said before, the audio is copyright free.
Is this normal? Does this message stay only during the verification of the audio by the Roblox staff?

Thanks for your help

I am using a song from a movie for my game self destruct sequence, and It has not been removed, it may be because of the name, idk Also this should not be in scripting support

Did you tried to reupload the audio but with some little changes made to the file if the audio is truly has no copyright problem then this may be just an error

I tried, but the new audio was banned too

When I uploaded the new sound, I also changed the name.

It could just sound similar to a copyrighted work. Are you 100% sure that it isn’t copyrighted? As in, you’ve made it yourself or you’ve checked multiple places that all say it’s uncopyrighted?

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I have had a similar issue with a royalty free audio, and came to realize even with royalty free not copyrighted audio, that it is still meta tagged in a way that shows the creator of the audio is still someone other than yourself. Even if you rename the file and upload it yourself, the metadata is still embedded with the creator’s information and roblox identifies it as such.

This is atleast what i gathered from my experience with it recently. I just picked a different audio to work around, not ideal but had no choice.

I’m 100% sure that the audio is not copyrighted.

I think I will contact the Roblox support. It’s easier this way.

Please post the resolution here after you talk with them, I am curious to see the solution for my own sake.

They said they are aware of this problem, and they are working on it.

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