Audio dampening

Alright, I’m back from doing a few tests on my algorithm I made for this using pathfinding and…

It is extremely unreliable and sometimes not performant. (Unreliable in the sense it bugs out in specific areas such as behind invisible, but CanCollide true blocks, and bugs out when it sees a small area for it to stand on successfully)

I still haven’t been able to think up or find anything useful about how to do a 3D Floodfill, I still assume this would not be a performant option, but I can’t truly think of anything else.

If anyone knows even any crumb of information towards my goal of this audio dampening thing I’m going for, and yes I’ve already checked Boatbomber’s post, that is sadly not what I’m looking for, please post here.

Thank you!

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a 3d floodfill i assume would just add two more directions to fill ( up and down). It would be performant the larger the voxels so it’d be good to have larger voxels.