Audio denied, but nothing is wrong with it

Hey, I just uploaded my boss music and it was rejected, but nothing is wrong with it, right?
Anyway, here’s the audio
I also tried to reupload it, but it this message was shown

It only costed 35 robux, which is not a lot, but still could have been used for other audio files. Thanks for reading!


it’s just one of those moments where roblox moderation, again, is simply at fault. People get warned and their assets get blocked on the daily without any good reasoning whatsoever. They definitely need to fix that but honestly i’ve lost all hope on that side of the company. Nothing you can do about it, either Try to file a complaint or simply move on…


Yeah, I have also started to lose hope. I’m not sure what to do at this point if I should pray that my music is accepted, or just use some other audio that is stolen from other games


it’s sad to see the community constantly being dissatisfied with Roblox’s moderation team and honestly they’re all in the right… most of the time. I mean, I got an account warning for uploading an image that had a blurred background for whatever reason. Seriously, people on that side of the job need a little check up. But yeah it is what it is. I just won’t bother uploading any specific image at this point, don’t know what will satisfy and dissatisfy the system.


One time I was warned for making a creeper T-shirt, yet I already uploaded the same thing.

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They say moderation takes forever because they use real people but its 100% just bots that do it, Try slowing/speeding it up by an unnoticable amount, then reupload, after that, roblox moderation is a joke cause if this is denied but fully uncensored the song (We all know it…) by cardi b can be uploaded we know its just a bot

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it worked but i lost 3 uploads because of trash mod

For me they blocked my mp3 file because I named the audio on Roblox “Drunk Last Night” As that’s the name of my song. I didn’t think it was against the ToS to have that as name, but they just decided to warn me, delete my file and block my mp3 file. Now Roblox Support is being stupid aswell and responding with automatic responses…

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