Audio Editor Plugin - Modify your sound effects and music right in studio!

This plugin helps you to edit sound effects and music easily on Roblox using a few sliders. You dont have to get into the details of every sound modifier anymore, this plugin makes it easy to do that.

It has a few minor bugs for now, nothing bad or damaging, but im working on fixing all of it one by one.

Soon ill be making it so you can add modifiers to certain parts of the audio, and adding your own notes to it as well, all for the future… ill be working on them depending on how you guys feel about this version.

Do let me know what you think about it, and what can be improved. Hope you guys like it!

Link to the plugin: Audio Editor - Roblox

(I do plan to make it free very soon, just think of this as early access [Ill try and add extra features for early access users])


Woo been wanting something like this for ages! Nice plugin man <3

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Just bought it.

(extra characters)

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Appreciate it, do let me know if you want anything added to it

W plug-in buy it

Extra stuff here ok

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Yes where is the (generate free robux) function?

It would be cool to add a way to combine multiple sounds.