Audio Falsely Moderated

When I try to upload a specific song, it gets moderated for Violating Roblox Terms and Conditions. The creator of the audio gave me full permission to use any of their songs, and this song is publically downloadable and accessible online. It does not seem to break any terms or conditions of Roblox.

This is the Audio I am trying to upload:
ID: 15020265135
(Removed MP3 as it is potentially copyrighted despite having full permission to use it.)

To Group: The Art Museum - Roblox

First Occurred: September 2023
Last Occurred: 10/9/2023 @ 9:00 PM UTC

I have tried uploading this audio to a group, and have asked others to upload it for me, but it still gets blocked for “Violating Roblox Terms and Conditions”

Final Result:

The song contained copyrighted sampling or was found to be similar to LVRS CNT B FRNDS by Limbo Yah (warning: explicit). Despite this sampling being explicit, the uploaded song is not at all explicit and contains no lyrics. It is also royalty and copyright-free upon asking for permission to use the song, and by an entirely different artist.


I will soon check to see if LVRS CNT B FRNDS contains a sampling of DJ Grumble’s Buttered, which could mean that DJ Grumble either used a sampling from LVRS CNT B FRNDS without permission, or Roblox regards it as copyrighted. (As I found LVRS CNT B FRNDS was created in 2022, while DJ Grumble’s song was published 5 months ago on SoundCloud)


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!



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Hello, I encountered a similar problem a few months ago.

I received a one-day ban for uploading a silent audio file. I engaged in multiple email exchanges with the Appeal team, but unfortunately, they were unable to assist me and stated that the moderation was correct.

Please feel free to reach out if you require the files or any other information to aid in resolving this issue. As you are currently addressing a similar problem, I thought it would be beneficial to share my experience to tackle two issues at once.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Just want to make this clear before moving forward. Giving a moderated audio file to us, doesn’t guarantee that it will be unmoderated, we will just check if the moderation was valid or not and act accordingly!

You can let the moderated audio file and its ID here on the thread (this would make it easier for us), or if it’s something more private, you can send it to me! :slight_smile:

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that is totally fine, i just don’t want to get falsely banned again

Would be very suspicious of this if I was an AI to tell if audio shouldn’t be allowed.



I contacted our moderation team to have a manual check on the audio file, and confirmed that the automated moderation had worked correctly and as intended! :slight_smile:

Would you be able to give me an explanation of why a silent audio file is evaluated as inappropriate for the Roblox Platform?


Hi @CenterWalled thanks for filing a bug report!

When our automated copyright detection system finds a match we take down the audio file. Roblox Support cannot help restore these files as Roblox currently does not have a way to validate licenses for audio files. You can tell when the audio has been taken down for copyright issues when the description is edited to include (Removed for violations of Roblox Terms of Use)

For this case in particular the audio you uploaded matched a song called LVRS CNT B FRNDS by Limbo Yah (warning: this song is explicit) which has the same audio you uploaded in their song.

There were some other comments in this thread I wanted to address as well:

Roblox Support will give a generic message for songs that were automatically taken down for copyright reasons since they are currently unable to revert automated copyright takedowns. However audio that has been taken down for other reasons can be appealed and Roblox Support will be able to help determine if the moderation action was correct.

Silent files are usually uploaded by users trying to bypass moderation checks so moderators are extra strict on these kinds of files. Instead of playing silent audio I would recommend calling :Pause() on your Sound instance instead.

I hope this gives you all some insight into some of the reasons audio uploads get moderated.



Thank you for the explanation. Unfortunately the method you mentioned can not be used for my game, I have a custom Audio sprite system that requires a silent audio file to be used during automatic tests and other scenarios where intended audio asset did not load my system will use the silent audio to mimic the intended sound being played and trigger events that are needed for example Sound.Ended

That is interesting because I uploaded the song Buttered by DJ Grumble with no explicit lyrics. Was it removed because it sampled that specific song with copyrighted restrictions? Or did it assume that the song was explicit because it contained samplings from an explicit song? This may be an error as well.

Also, you can contact DJ Grumble here (look for the “Contact” button) to validate that DJ Grumble allows others to use his music.

It was removed because it was found to be similar to another song in our song database. We don’t have a good way of telling which is the original song so we block the upload whenever we find a match.

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Thank you for letting me know. Will there be any way to tell which song is original in the future, or a way to check if the uploader has a license to use the song?

It doesn’t matter how this message is interpreted, it will always be a very bad look for Roblox. It could mean one or more of these things…

  1. The AI is known to be broken and will moderate normal audio for no reason, sending out entire bans over literally nothing

  2. The human moderators assume that the automation side of moderation is always right and they refuse to approve stuff that’s in the rules if the robot says it’s bad

  3. Your message is just poorly worded and you’re trying to say that there’s some weird thing in the bot to detect/moderate silence (for some unexplainable reason), and that the moderation team is simply saying that it did its job correctly (but that goes back to number 2, why wouldn’t they approve it if they apparently gave it a manual check and confirmed it was complete silence with nothing even potentially rule breaking?)

Whatever the reason, at least we now have a verified Roblox staff member outright admitting that the sorry excuse of a moderation bot will “correctly” ban you over quite literally nothing at all. Can’t get a more bleak future for Roblox than that.

Edit: And before anyone claims that maybe it’s got something inappropriate at a low volume, here’s what it looks like in Audacity. Amplifying it at max whack changes nothing, because it’s literally complete silence.


Thank you for the bug report I’ll steal it tomorrow

I was unable to find LVRS CNT B FRNDS by Limbo Yah. If anyone can listen to it, please make sure to let me know if it seems to be sampled in the song I tried uploading.

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