Audio has access to unknow universes

My group’s audio has access to unknown universes I have never heard of.

I tried to upload a new file and it out of nowhere had access to the identical universes that the others had. All I know about this is all the accounts were made in 2014 or 2013.

I hope my English is well enough to understand. Thanks for the help!


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I don’t know whose idea it was to make the above the solution since it redirects to support. If your group has members that own the audio, they can insert it into their game and grant permissions.

It was likely because Roblox considered your audio a sound effect and everyone who used the audio back in the day was automatically granted permission to use it. This only happens with audios longer than 6 seconds.

This is a weird situation and has never happened with any of my sounds (they have either remained public or have been [for the most part] automatically granted to games that I own or have collaborated on) but if those people weren’t in your group as developers, then I don’t understand how else they could have gotten access to a private sound that you uploaded. The page literally says permissions are irrevocable (which contradicts Roblox’s claims that developers should get full control over their assets) so I have no idea what support would say (if anything) if you brought this issue to them…could be worth trying though.

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