Audio issue, cant hear any audio in studio [Solution]

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Recently, I encountered an issue while working in Roblox Studio, and now I’m here to share how to fix it. So, what happened was that I had to uninstall and reinstall Roblox Studio for a reason that turned out to be unnecessary. However, when I opened it after the reinstall, I noticed that I couldn’t hear any sound at all. I couldn’t hear sounds from the toolbox in the audio tab or any sound objects, except when I actually tested the game. It’s not exactly a bug, but more of an unexpected issue that occurred without me even knowing it was a possibility.

How to fix this issue?

  1. First, navigate to the Studio settings by clicking on the “File” button in the top-left corner of the screen, or you can simply press “Alt + S.”


  1. In the Studio settings, search for “Audio” using the search bar.

and you will see 2 stuff you will need to change as “Server audio behaviour” and “Main Volume”

  1. You want to put the “Server audio behaviour” to Enabled most likely its set to “Online Game” by default from this issue,

  1. and last step you want to change the “Main Volume” to 0.5 which most likely is 0 from this issue and after that restart you Roblox studio and it should work perfectly!

Have a great time developing! :smiley:

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This seems to have been answered by replies of a separate topic:

But thanks for sharing this.

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Oh nice i thought it was only me who had that issue lol