Audio its not playing (Roblox Permission problem)

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    I want to upload individual sounds for a weapons system.

They are less than 3 seconds

  1. What’s the problem? Include screenshots/videos if possible!
    You can’t hear anything, apparently the permissions to use the audio in my game are not even there, I uploaded them in create.roblox… AND I also SET THE PERMISSIONS TO USE IT WITH UNIVERSE ID, and roblox automatically deletes them .

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Before it was easier to preview the audios in the studio, BUT NOW YOU CAN’T EVEN HEAR IT!

Check the audios individually to see if they were taken down by Roblox or not for some reason, if they weren’t then check the output log in Roblox studio after running the game once with audios in explorer.

If the output gives you errors about audios lacking permission or the alike; then press the red text and it should show you a prompt about giving permission.

Audios also tend to take too long to load in so if everything above doesn’t work, just give it a bit. This is how it’s been for me.

It doesnt taked down, and if i press it, does nothing :(.

You will need to head to the create portal, go to your said and give permission to the universe you are trying to use the sound in