Audio length viewable on site

Now that the longer audio update got released i’d really like to stock up on full tracks. It would be useful if i can see how long the audio file is so that i won’t get any cut ones.


And sort by it on the catalog. I was searching for lightning and kept getting songs. Would’ve been nice to filter out for less than 5 seconds.


It was already noted by spotco and he said seranok is working on them

This pretty much goes hand-in-hand with the audio length visible on the site. The one issue is that if you’re stocking up on full tracks, you (probably) don’t own the rights to them all so you might be using them illegitimately. Even portions of them cause this issue but full length would probably be a worse-case-scenario. Regarding the feature though… yes yes yes, daddy likes

i mean (almost) everyone is doing this already anyways