Audio modified and adding slience at the end

What am i making?

Well basically i’m messing up with FE Flamethrower made by thienbao2109
recently i asked one of my well known dev to upload 3 of my Audios
after being uploaded through Bulk Importer i suddenly realized the sound were modified by bots

it adds the silence at the end of Preview line

Here’s what it sounds like currently

By default it plays continuously without adding silence at the end

Currently this is supposed to be on Bugs Reports but i don’t have access to post it there because of restrictions

How can i crop the sound?


Are you using mp3 files? Mp3 files loop terribly. Use ogg files for looping.

well it appears that i’m using MP3 only

since i thought using MP3 is only the file that you can upload to roblox

Try uploading an ogg file and see what happens. If that doesn’t work, try manually looping by stopping the sound early and replaying the sound at the desired TimePosition.

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