Audio not playing in preview

I’ve come across a problem when trying to add audio into my game. The audio doesn’t seem to play at all in game or in the preview.
To be more specific, I’m taking an audio id from the library (that I can hear) and plugging it in to a ‘sound’ object. It seems to work just fine until I click the play button under ‘preview’. When I click the play button the progress bar is moving but there is no sound. The volume isn’t set to 0 and its happening with all library audios. Is this just a me problem or is this a Roblox-wide bug?


Very strange, this isn’t happening at all for me, whether I take a sound from the toolbox and insert it, or manually insert a sound object then insert an audio ID there. Perhaps your studio may be having some sort of odd audio issue?

I’d try restarting your device and see if that does anything.

If that doesn’t work, I am not sure.

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I restarted everything and it still doesn’t seem too work. The only thing I can think of is that all sounds from Roblox Studio are being muted or something. Is there a way I can make Roblox Studio create a sound that isn’t from the ‘sound’ object or its variants so I can check if its a Roblox Studio problem or if it’s specifically the sound objects.

Edit: Nevermind, all the sounds I’m trying actually work when you test the game but don’t work in preview which is a bit annoying because I need to start and stop it at certain times and adjust somethings with the audio itself.