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[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Uploading copyrighted audio automatically terminating accounts

Why is there so much silence around this issue besides what are basically lies at this point about how moderated users can have their accounts restored? I get it’s the weekend, but a large chunk (“large” considering what this is) of the userbase being terminated for no good reason seems like a pretty critical issue to me.

I get it’s hard to manage ALL the individual cases, but why is nothing being done about the cases that have been responded to? @TheDreamDealer has been trying for too long already to have his account restored, and has basically been told by appeals the action taken against his account would not be reverted, which is completely unfair.

How are we supposed to feel comfortable developing on a platform that isn’t taking care of its developers? Roblox developers and Roblox players are being punished for a bug they didn’t cause, and at this point it feels right to believe the appeals team doesn’t have the tools necessary to properly figure out whether a user intentionally exploited this bug or not.

That being said, the way to go should be removing the robux they got refunded (if even that), not terminating their account, once again, for a bug that wasn’t even their fault.

This whole situation is very uncomfortable as a Roblox developer. I want to feel assured that I won’t have unfair actions like this taken against myself, only to lose all my work and time I put into developing on Roblox.


I’m not sure why the choice of terminating any accounts that just so happened to experience a bug that is on Roblox’s part, not the player “exploiting” it, instead of simply revoking the Robux that the players gained through a bug they unintentionally experienced. Any accounts that were terminated should be reinstated with the “exploited” Robux revoked from their accounts.

I feel as though Roblox doesn’t have the tools to simply revoke the Robux, and instead, their only option is to terminate accounts that experienced the bug - which will be bad for PR (and of course DR for developers who were terminated because of this bug.)


Yeah, the handling of this situation is absolutely unacceptable. I posted this on my other thread (Roblox’s Moderation Needs To Be Fixed), but it’s worth repeating here for easier visibility: Roblox messed up big-time here, so Roblox needs to be the one reaching out to the affected users. When you just terminated a bunch of innocent people’s accounts for no reason, you can’t just tell them to try and go through the appeals team if they want their account back - appeals doesn’t even understand how to handle this situation properly anyway.

It seems like Roblox doesn’t have a true grasp of just how many innocent users were actually terminated by this bug. They’re just assuming that a majority of those users intended to exploit the bug, when that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Anyone who intended to exploit the bug would be re-uploading audios dozens upon dozens of times.

Any non-devforum members who got incorrectly terminated and denied by appeals now have NO WAY to get their accounts back on their own, because appeals won’t review the case a second time. There’s no telling how many people could be in this position right now. Roblox needs to fix this immediately, and there needs to be serious changes to the moderation system.


Appeals won’t even review my case a second time, even though the first time they checked it over it was before they addressed and was notified about the issue.


They really should just restore all the accounts that got banned and just remove the robux which were gained through this process. If someone had enough robux, they could’ve potentially uploaded the same audio dozens of times without realizing it was giving them extra robux since they only saw “100k+”, or something of the like. Nearly all of the accounts affected by this were completely innocent, and now have no way of getting their account back. This is completely ridiculous and should be a higher priority for Roblox.

Edit: I found that some users only received 7 day bans for this. What determined whether or not a user got a 7 day ban or a termination, because at this point it seems completely randomized, almost as if it was just a chance of “do you get to keep your account?.. spin the wheel!”


Yes, it was unfortunate.


Also thank you for mentioning me. I was unable to access Devforum, thanks to that ban.