Audio Refund Incident

Hi Developers,

Earlier this week, we noticed some users were getting refunded multiple times after their audio uploads were rejected. In order to mitigate this issue, we closed this loophole and moderated anyone who was intentionally exploiting this bug. However, we have recently learned that, during this process, some users did not intentionally exploit this bug and incorrectly received a moderation action.

Roblox is carefully reviewing this incident to address the errors and prevent future incidents. We will actively review the errors and correct them to the best of our ability. If you believe your account was incorrectly moderated, please submit an appeal request here by selecting the category “Moderation” and “Appeal Account or Content”. Please keep in mind that if you were determined to have exploited this bug, the moderation action will not be changed.


Amazing, thanks for the response.


So the exploit no longer exists and it’s safe to upload assets again without fear of being incorrectly moderated?


What’s the process for determining who exploited the bug? Is it based on the amount of audio uploads in a certain time frame? What if a user was just trying to upload a sizable amount of music anyway?


great work

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In my honest opinion, it probably wasn’t a very accurate process and they just banned anyone who didn’t even know they were getting robux off the issue.


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Sent an appeal! Hope this fixes it :smiley:


How would it be “exploiting” the audio refunds system anyways? You only get 70% of what you paid for anyways, to my knowledge. So I mean, spending 3000 on audio would only get you 2100 back if everything was rejected. :man_shrugging:

Unless, there was a bug where it would give you 2100 a hundred times over, which is a bug I’ve faced in my games multiple times. :eyes:


… I know of one particular ROBLOX developer on Twitter who got banned for 7 days for uploading audio. @Naperin


It says the reason at the beginning of the post, as you said, users were being refunded multiple times.


So if I understand it correctly, instead of fixing the upload system itself (which shouldn’t be exploitable to begin with), Roblox decided to outright moderate people they assumed were abusing it? People don’t just stop uploading when it fails multiple times, but that doesn’t mean they’re deliberately exploiting refunds. I imagine there are a number of innocent developers who will remain banned despite appeals because we’ve already seen that moderation isn’t perfect. This should never have happened.


Instead of disabling the audio uploading on the site with the click of a button, they decide to just ban everyone… multi-million dollar company btw.


Can you let us know when these errors are fixed? I don’t want to get terminated just so I can email support so they can tell me “Yeah sorry you were purposfully exploiting byebye developer career”.

How do you determine if the person was purposfully doing it? Are you able to give this information or is it sensitive info? Mainly asking because many innocent people were termed, and some developers may even leave this platform because of it. This is potentially even a major PR issue waiting to happen.

We shouldn’t be using automated termination to begin with in cases like these. Automated moderation tends to generate lots of false positives, especially in edge cases such as “there’s a bug in our refunding process”. Instead of fixing the loophole and carefully removing the extra refunds for the users who got double refunds, you just outright banned/terminated them. This not only damages people’s trust in moderation but it has a huge impact on developers and players alike. If a major developer were termed, it wouldn’t be a big deal - just restore their account and make an “oops” thread. But what about regular players / upcoming developers who don’t have a big name for themselves yet? Are they just expected to say “oh well I enjoyed Roblox now I can’t use it anymore”?

This is the second time something like this has happened. Please, make a system / process so this does not happen again for a third time. Generally I would avoid having an automated proccess terminate users, especially in these edge-cases.

Not trying to sound rude or derogatory here, I know running a worldwide platform and a huge company isn’t a walk in the park, but this issue has occured twice now. Please do something to fix this entire automated moderation system issue.


This isn’t the way to go about things. Why do users have to request appeals on this rather than automatically having their accounts returned to them? What about users who won’t see this soon enough to appeal? What happens if a user appeals the unfair ban later than the standard accepted time?

It’s not fair that these users are being forced to go through the customer service route which takes forever rather than just having their accounts returned. Did this automated system not keep a log of users it terminated? I would have imagined it doing so since this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

Like many other people are wondering, what exactly is the process of checking whether or not a user purposely exploited this system? Users aren’t very comfortable with trusting in the moderation team after all these false bans and it would be a lot nicer to see the situation properly cleaned up, not whatever is happening here.

Is the bug fixed? Can we safely upload audios? There’s questions that a lot of users would have right now which aren’t clearly responded to in the original post here.

All this post has really stated is that the moderation team is going to fix things, but that isn’t comforting at all as we have no idea what measures are being taken to make sure anyone unfairly moderated gets their account back.


Based on the fact it’s a bug that was created by Roblox, by accident, I don’t think anyone should have gotten banned - especially since a lot of people are currently saying they didn’t intend on abusing the system - just uploading a few audios that got deleted, and then the auto-refund system decided to give them three or four times the normal amount - not the uploader’s fault.

I do enjoy how innocent developers are deleted quicker than the annoying bot accounts that have been active for three or more months.


Just asking a question if this was to happen:

If you sent an appeal the day of and Robvlox responded saying they can’t do anything about the situation, but then sent another appeal today about the situation since it was finally addressed unlike in the first place, who would you get a actual message or a message saying something like:

Thank you for reaching out to us about your moderation concern. Our records indicate that an appeal has previously been sent for this account. Once a decision has been made to deny an appeal, further appeals for the same ban cannot be reviewed. Please do not send multiple emails about the same issue after a decision has been reached.

Before this post was made, multiple people tried to appeal such as my self but get an answer of saying they can’t do anything.


You guys are aware that the bug wasn’t patched right? Users are still exploiting this vulnerability, it seems to refund the purchase without actually taking the Robux away in the first place. A user sent me this. As you can see, he makes the purchase, doesn’t get charged because the file is previously blocked, and then is refunded and you’ll see his Robux go up 350 upon refreshing.


Following up on what you said, there’s a problem wherein with that;

The system, especially for those who were unintentionally utilizing it, were determined to be exploiting due to the fact they got the multiple refunds as anyone else did. Nearly the exact same applies for those who were exploiting it, it’s just that they intended to get the money as opposed to otherwise.

I honestly don’t see how the staff will right this and determine who did bad or good in this situation. In the end, it’s likely to be a rather haphazard process that won’t correct a lot of the bans that were made unjustly.


@Seranok Just like @TheDreamDealer said, how should users who submitted appeals for this and were previously denied before the realization that some people were not intentionally exploiting this submit appeals?

The reason I ask this is because if an appeal was previously made for something and denied, users can no longer submit appeals for that same thing.