Audio sharing not working/playing

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I can’t play my audios anywhere else

my audios are silent in other games or cannot be heard by anyone but me.

I’ve tried universe id sharing and that does nothing.

I just want to let people here my tunes and i can’t do that when roblox is only allowing audio sharing from “VERIFIED” users >:(

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how do I even get verified? I’ve been in the community for quite some time now, my works been used in some roleplay games, I’ve just been staying active in the community and I’m still unable to share my own audios.
I know I shouldn’t hate on those few who are verified but its unfair that users like me work hard and don’t ever seem to earn the “VERIFIED” status they get.

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I think they meant ID-verification. You would have to go to your settings and submit a photo of your ID to Roblox.

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but i did do that and for some reason im still not verified. or did they not use the photo id from when i verified for vc? :b

I’m not sure how exactly you verified yourself. It should only take a few minutes for your verification to either be approved or denied. Try reading Roblox’s Age ID Verification Support Article.