Audio sounds low quality [ HELP ] pls help

i noticed all audios in roblox studio and ingame sound weird and distorted all of sudden (take a listen)

Playing Hitmarker sound in roblox studio/ in game

same sound on youtube

and then when you play the audio id on the website it sounds normal just like the video

Is this a bug? I reinstalled roblox and roblox studio and restarted my computer and it does the same thing. and its obviously not my drivers since it plays normal on youtube and the website but not studio.

Any explanation to this? this wasn’t happening until the new audio update rolled out.

The sound id was placed in a freshly inserted audio instance, it has nothing changed about it and nothing attached to it, only thing changed is the audio ID.

Sound service isn’t changed either. (Default settings:)

And absolutely nobody is talking about this? Is this just happening to me and nobody else?

I Posted here because It says i cant post in bug reports for whatever reason.

Was the sound playing during the game was running in the studio?That may be a reason and if that’s so it should work normally in roblox client game or experience.

It sounds distorted when playing it in explorer, and when testing it in studio and when joining the game on the website.

Try to reupload the audio and create a new game or experience and play it there or try to play the hit marker sound maybe in another game or in your alt game its my suggestions

i said it sounds normal when played on the website and not in studio /in-game so theres no need to reupload. and all sounds are low quality to it in studio and in-game but not when played on website

theres nothing i can do about this and i cant find anything about this. is this a bug that ONLY i have?

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