Audio Update still breaking for other people in my game

Im still having issues with audios in my game. As Ive uploaded almost all audios in my game, some of them for OTHER people dont work. For instance, a gunshot sfx for a certain gun uploaded by me, wont be heard by a friend in the game, but will be heard by me… Am I the only person having this issue? I’ve granted some of the permissions through the creators dashboard, which did work but I do not want to have to do that for the hundreds of sounds that are used in my game, there must be a more practical way. Ive searched through many devforums and no one seems to be having the same issue as me. Help?

Are you playing the sound in a localscript? If so maybe that’s the problem? Can they hear their own shots?(which you can’t hear)

nah with the acs gun system if you know that, they’ll hear some of the gun shots and some wouldnt work