Audio Visualizer not working?

So recently I was working with a friend, and wanted to learn how to create an audio visualizer to
change the different HSV values in accordance to the beat of the music.

I found something called “PlaybackLoudness” but using the quick code to test it, it continuously says that the PlaybackLoudness is 0, Am I using it incorrectly?

function AudioPlayback (Audio)
	local seconds = 0
	while Audio.TimeLength>seconds do
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You should find relatively the same alternative answer here.

I tried looking at that before, but couldnt neccesarily find a straight forward answer. They said that when they played it from the command bar that it seemed to work, but I want to be able to test it via coding

If you actually read the PlaybackLoudness wiki page you would see it clearly says NotReplicated.

This means it cannot be accessed from the client.

Oh, Whoops I see it now, my bad

To clarify, it means if it’s playing on the server, the property doesn’t update on the client. If you play it on the client then of course it can be accessed on the client.

@Revelted you can either put your visualiser logic onto the client and play the sound there, or if your visualiser is in the real world you could potentially update the visualiser on the server.

If you want the visualiser to match up perfectly I’d play the sound on the client.

Take a look at this, and see if this helps Audio Visualizer Service [UPDATE 2.0: MORE SHAPES, AND BETTER ANIMATION]