AudioController | Control any Sound Instance's TimePosition using a gui slider!

Earlier today, I tried creating a audio controller in roblox studio. Not sure what a audio controller is?

Take this as example (Spotify) :

The almost white colored thick line is seen to move relative to the music’s timeposition. And can also be dragged to change the music’s timeposition.

Another example would be Roblox Studio’s Sound instance itself:


I haven’t seen anyone make this yet, so here you go! I made it just for you!

Get the Model Here: AudioController - Roblox

Note that the most important aspect of this model is the audio control bar. So I haven’t added stuff like fast forward etc, just a simple toggle button to play the music! You can add those on your own according to your desire!

Demo (excuse the sound quality) :

Make it work!

Place the ScreenGui called “AudioController” in StarterGui.

Head into AudioController > AudioPlayer > Audio > SoundObject


Set the Value of “SoundObject” to a sound instance for it to work!



And you are done!

Additional Note: I was able to create this using another open source model so be sure to check it out!



This is super cool and useful. Thanks so much! Keep up the great work. :grinning: