Audios for horror game

Trying to make a multiplayer story game, but at the present moment, I have no Robux to spend on my own audio.

Does anyone know some good audios? The type of audio I’m looking for is an Audio that’s almost creepy ambient. Also some audios when the player interacts with the main creature of the story. An example of it may be: Will buyers getting abducted by the demogorgon inside of the shed.
Got any ideas?

I will end up having 80 bucks worth of robux maybe next month or so. Should I just wait?

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try making a collage of free ones from and do like “creaking door” “screams” or splatters I use it when i make movies so it might work for your game

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In my opinion a game is always better with custom creepy audio for that specific game, maybe not created for them but at least uploaded for them. But of course, in your situation that may not always be possible.

If you’re looking for free audio, could I recommend maybe layering it up a bit. So you do it one audio at a time per phase of your project.

For example, I read a honourable dev-forumer talk about “creaking doors”, this is such a good example as it allows you to not just have specific circumstances but to be able to control them as you develop this said game.

My example for that would be as you get closer to this said door, then it’s possible for you to change the background music to get a bit quieter and the background music get louder. It’s this form of working with Audio that can make almost any game to anyone who play’s it a hit.

But it’s all to do of the audio’s that you choose, for example I found this one that may be perfect for your game. Door Creaking

But it’s all to do with making sure that you know what atmosphere your creating,

However back to the point of the question for good audio’s. I do believe it may be worth waiting for you to upload your own, but that doesn’t mean that you have to make them yourself.

That’s only because it will give you the time to compile a collection and make sure that all the sounds are correct for your game.

But for search terms, just go via the object that requires it and how you want it to happen and for background music you may want to consider looking into “Halloween backgrounds” for example.

Anyway, I hope this was of some help and I wish you luck with your game.

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