Audios Owned by Group not working in Group Owned Game

I uploaded this audio under my group and it was approved. But I go to insert it into a game OWNED by THIS GROUP and it still requires the Experience to be added to their permissions.

Expected behavior

I shouldnt have to do this if the game is owned by the group it was uploaded under.
The announcement regarding audio permissions changes, stated that audios should work from group places when the audio is uploaded as a group asset (as was the case for audios uploaded before the first occurrence date), so believe this is a bug (or documentation error).



you need to insert all of the audios into your game, then close your place and reopen it again!

i dont know why the [ACTION NEDEED] has ben removed…

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Same thing happened to me. My fix was inserting a sound in workspace, setting the sound id to it, then playing it (with the play button in properties), then deleting it

Same thing here, the workaround in the first reply sure works but it’s very annoying to do!

I would like to bump this issue. It is extremely annoying to the workflow process and needs a workaround. It doesn’t help that the audio discovery tool fails to discover any audio in my game.

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Yeah, I’ve also experienced this exact problem before. It usually does go away after relaunching studio with all sounds in the explorer, I think this is because it then automatically ‘authorises’ the sounds to that specific experience it’s published under once it’s been ran once but it should just do this on it’s own beforehand realistically I guess.

It’s only a tag for serious emergency situations that cause platform breaking outages / problems. The use in this case isn’t valid hence the removal.

Apparently this was only one of the few circumstances where old audio would qualify to continue working.
Now audio uploaded on the website does not work at all by default. I’m certain the intended procedure is for you to either re-insert the asset from the group audio section of the toolbox (which is harder to find for group assets now) or copy the universe ID from the dashboard and put it into the audio permissions configuration.

This new system is very inconvenient considering that I believe a large number of creators only want their audio to work and are not worried about other people using them without their knowledge. It’s been over 500 days without any update on the system or the disruption they caused.

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