[AUK] United Kingdom Game Guidelines

At this United Kingdom, we wish to enforce a respectful and safe community for all whom join it, to do this we have guidelines in which all community members who wish to use our services must follow, this is to ensure a safe community for all, this is why we ask that you read though all game guidelines before taking any action within our game, this is once again to ensure and safe community for all whom wish to use it. Any questions regarding these guidelines can be referred to the AUK Moderation Team.

Section A: Appealing Moderation Action

How do I appeal moderation action taken against me? If you wish to appeal an action taken towards you from a member of our moderation team you will firstly need to join our communications server, after doing this you will then need to open an “appeals” ticket in which a member of the Administration Team will respond too, you will then need to list the action you were banned for with your ROBLOX username, the member of the administration team will then decide whether the ban was warranted or not, if your appeal is denied you will then lose your chance of appealing again.
Notice: Harassing member of the Moderation Team can lead to a permanent ban.

Section B: Permanently Banable Offences
The following offences could and/or can result in a permanent ban from the game.

Section B1: Breaking Roblox Terms of Service, breaking certain violations of the Roblox Terms of Service agreement can result in a permanent ban from our main game here at AUK, it is suggested you read though the Roblox Terms of Service again to familiarise your self with it.

Section B2: Exploiting, this is not only a game guidelines but also a Terms of Service violation, if the moderation team finds that you have been exploiting within our game, this will result in a permanent ban without appeal.

Section B3: Racism, discrimination against anyone’s background or believes if against our guidelines here and will result in a server ban - permanent ban from our services, this is not tolerated here at AUK.

Section B4: Abuse of tools and services, tis could include, in-game tools and or in-game vehicles, abusing any of the services in-game which stops someone’s gameplay ca result in a permanent ban from the game it’s self.

Section C: Kick - Banable Offences

Section C1: Spawn Killing, while in-game, we expect all members to be able to join without immediately getting killed, spawn killing of any sorts can and will result in a kick, if this is carried on it can and will result in a server ban.

Section C2: Leaving to Avoid Arrest other wise known as LTAA is a banable offence, this is why a member leaves the server to avoid being incarcerated, this will lead to a server ban and if carried on a permanent ban as it disrupts the game play of others.

Section C3: Disruptive behaviour, this is when a member of the game is trolling and/or doing anything to disrupt the natural game play of the game, this can lead from a warning to a permanent ban if needed.

Section C4: Farming for game currency within game, this could mean going AFK (Away from Keyboard) for up to 10 minutes at a time, this results in the user getting currency from not being active, this can result in a server ban and it’s is unfair on the other player’s within game.

Section C5: Bypassing, this is when a user uses a audio tool and/or chat function to bypass words in which are banned by ROBLOX, this can result in a server ban and not limited to a permanent due to the breaking of ROBLOX Terms of Service.

Section D: Moderation Action
Please note that the Moderation Team and above my action as they believe is necessary meaning they can ben if they believe you have committed an offence in which is not listed above resulting in you not being able to play the game anymore and/or having being warned.

Administration Team
[AUK] United Kingdom