Aura that follows the player's avatar

Honestly I’m not sure what to call this, but basically what I want to make is this:

A bunch of parts and mesh parts covering the player’s avatar


You can use WeldConstraints to attach mesh parts to the player, and if you want an aura, you can always insert a ParticleEmitter into the player’s torso.

Cell shading? you could do a cheap cell shade by cloning every part, scaling it to ~(-1.01, -1.01, -1.01) to make it inverse but slightly bigger, then weld them to their respective part

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You mean ParticleEmitter right? i’d make a aura before, also i use PartLocked for dragon ball auras

The Highlight Instance is what you’re looking for, but it’s currently disabled. So in the meantime, you should try what @MP3Face said and apply cell shading to every part of the player.