Authentication failed. Error code: 403

Whenever I launch roblox from the web, it get this error message
403: an error was encountered during authentication. Please try again.
About 10% of the time, it just launches, but most of the time it just says this, and its been going on for like 4 days. I’ve tried reinstalling roblox, uninstalling bloxstrap, but nothing will work. It works when I just launch the app. But its annoying that I can’t join private server links. Any tips?


Are you on a hotspot/carrier-grade NAT? Try launching Roblox directly from your Start Menu and see if you can join a game there.


That works, but how can I launch it from the web?

You won’t be able to if you are on a carrier-grade NAT.

How do I have mobile data on my PC and how do I turn it off?

Oh wait nevermind I found it was from my VPN

Curious, what VPN provider were you using? Roblox usually blocks or heavily ratelimits requests from non-residential IP addresses.

I’m using expressVPN


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