Authenticator App Login Issue

Can’t login to an account because it asks for “Authenticator App” code.

I used the Google Authentication app for that account. Lost the phone and the backup codes.

Google Authentication app did not save the account session as it is stored locally.

Roblox support is annoying and can’t understand the problem.

Anyway to get back the account? Or is it gone for good?

Sorry to tell you but there is no way around Roblox Support. but you could try locating the Phone.

Backup codes exist for this kind of reasons and should always print them! It is very unlikely that any company will disable 2FA for an account. Your only way ot get your account back is to contact roblox support and hope they give you the chance to demonstrate the account is yours to disable 2FA (i am not sure if this is possible but it’s worth a try) or getting your phone back which if it was stolen will be pretty impossible.

Yeah, my friend had the same issue. As he said, they asnwered that they wont be able to do anything, even if he provided purchase recipients.