Auto Ban System V1 [PASTEBIND]

Auto Ban System V1

Tired of dealing with exploiters and abusers? Introducing the Auto Ban System. You can set it to a custom Pastebin ID for added security. Trust issues? No problem! For transparency, you’re welcome to view the source code on Ban System Roblox -


  1. Get the Model From Auto Ban System V1.0.1 - Creator Marketplace (

  2. Insert the Model in studio. Parent it to ServerScriptService

  3. If you use the “Auto_Update” make sure to enable LoadString if you do not use it you can let it disabled


  1. Automated Banning Mechanism:

    The system periodically checks for new bans. You have the flexibility to set the interval for these checks, ensuring your game remains secure. Adjust the timing as needed.


  1. Ban List Customization:

    Easily manage your ban list. The system uses a format that includes UserID and Reason. Simply follow the instructions:


Create your own ban list or switch from the default one to suit your specific needs.

Creating a New Pastebin:

  1. Sign Up or Log In on

  2. Create a New Post:

  1. Adding Bans:

    Input bans in the specified format: UserID, Reason. For instance:

    -1, Admin Abuse

    Ensure each ban is on a new line.

  2. Get the Raw URL:

    Scroll up to find the Raw URL for your new post:

  1. Copy the Raw URL from the website.

  2. Paste the URL here:


Default Ban List:

Our default ban list is located at Banned List -

You can freely use the system! Get the free model and get Started


Why does loadstring have to be enabled?

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It might work without too let me check.

Edit: Setup has been Updated! Works without Loadstring.

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This goes in #resources:community-resources

So, is this something that bans people from your game becahse they were recently banned from roblox?

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No you can like ban ppl from a website called pastbinden they will automatically get banned in your game this is usefull if you are unable to log in your roblox account etc. (I will move this post ASAP)

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This is cool & all. But I don’t see a big point in this (yet) when Roblox is fixing to drop banning API?

Since there’s already resources out there that connect your experience with Discord, I don’t see why pastebin should be thrown in as a long-term ban method because of the mentioned upcoming API. And how Roblox has been overhauling their anti cheat with their new partnership(s).

There’s no reason another third party site needs to be used for something like this in my opinion, not when Discord is widely used and people have made something similar using it already (albeit more advanced). See here if you’re interested in that.

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Why Choose This System?

Setting up a Pastebind is significantly easier and more cost-effective than hosting a Discord bot with similar functionalities. While Discord bots are an option, this system offers straightforward usability and comprehension.

The Current Stage and Future Enhancements

Presently, this system is in its Beta Phase, with upcoming features in the pipeline. Future plans include implementing webhook logging for events like kicks. Moreover, an upcoming loadstring feature that makes it way easier for Developers to use. The system’s code is open source, providing transparency and accessibility for users.

Planned Additions

  • Introduction of an interface for viewing all bans.
  • Implementation of a built-in report system equipped with anti-spam measures.
  • Inclusion of additional features, such as a user whitelist system. Users within the whitelist can bypass certain bans, enabling exceptions for specific user IDs, for instance, friends who may have made minor infractions.
  • Development of the “Auto Ban System V1 [TRELLO].”
  • Addition of a timed ban feature.

About Red Eagles Entertainment

This system is proudly developed by Red Eagles Entertainment, aimed at enhancing user experience and administrative control.

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Nobody is going to allow their game to retrieve code from online. It’s better to just provide the script here and ask the developer to paste it in a script.


Hello there!

Thank you for your feedback. Upon reconsideration of the previous message, I am planning to implement a system that notifies game owners about the availability of a newer version, complete with the model link. This system will feature a ‘New Version Notification’ within the module script, ensuring prompt updates for game owners.

When a new version is released, the older one will be updated with the newer one, ensuring that only the latest version is available for installation.

Edit: The setting will be called Auto_Update it will then automatically update the source code if it is off it will not auto Update!


Minor Update [V.1.0.1]

This update aims to simplify the update process for me and is quite important! It includes an added Auto Update Feature. Here is the code used to load the script from Pastebin:


Reasons why I don’t like that you had to run code from online:

  • Pastebin could go down
  • Could easily add a virus of any kind, like below
  • Could track developer’s IP by viewing server location in studio
  • Takes a bit to load
  • Requires loadstring

Hey! I understand your concerns that is why I added the function called auto_Update if it is disabled it just uses the script that is located in roblox studio and does not get anything from online. I will still continue to update the Model to allways be at the newest version with that too.

You can just upload your model as a package, as it gives auto update functionality.


Hey! Thank you for the information. The Project will be moved to that so it can get updated automatically.

I don’t think thats how packages work. From my knowledge, it does this, but they cannot be made public. It’s only for your own experiences, not other people’s. If you could auto update other people’s games, you could add viruses on command.

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They can be made public

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Hey I am currently working on the V2, I know this post a is a while back but how do I like make it work (It will now be a Module and yea)

Whats gonna be new for the system. Also i made this system that has a end date from current date

It is gonna be a module now so you can require it with () it is gonna have a whitlist (Users who can just bypass this) and I might aswell add a timed ban (I still need to figure out how to make the timed ban thing)

Just do ban by player.Name so they can easily bypass it by changing their name! Ez fixed