Auto-delete all ToS uncompliant games

Simple post for a simple request:

Have a filter that shadow bans or auto deletes games that go against ToS. We all know that Pokemon games are not allowed on this platform yet people can easily copy and past Brick Bronze and have Pokemon in the title which requires staff to manually find and delete these games.

Proposal: Add a description and title filter to automatically find these infringing games so that this isn’t possible. Not only is it stolen, but it is also against the Nintendo DMCA.

Issues with this?
None, literally none. If you have Pokemon or Fortnite in your game it should automatically be deleted. End of story. The filter can be adjusted by staff so there should be no issues like the current chat filter.

Why not add these words to the current filter?
Kids will talk about Pokemon and Fortnite no matter what, removing these words and content from games titles and descriptions can stop people getting scammed by games like the one linked above.

Another solution?
Add a staff prioritized “Copyright Content” report abuse option for games/assets only because reporting games for stuff like this doesn’t do anything unless staff personally see it.


I fully agree with this, but I feel there could be some holes in the plan.

For example, it’d be fairly simple to get past the filter.
F ort n1te

Another problem this might have is wrongly moderating some things. All automatic systems will have flaws, and this wouldn’t be any different.

For example the company Subway which I’m pretty sure is copyrighted. If someone was talking about a subway like the train, there might be some problems.

I love the staff prioritized copyright content idea. This would really be helpful.

Great idea, hope something like this can be implemented.


I don’t think evasion of the filter is the biggest issue here (could always have the filter expanded I guess) but instead the threat of false deletions. No system is perfect, and this would delete games based on the title they have.

I would suggest that developers simply be prohibited from changing their game title to anything matching a word on the blacklist, but that runs into the exact same issue.

My key point here is that we have something similar to that already, the chat filter. And not to be negative, but we all know how the filter has gotten. It started out this exact same way, spotting obvious violations that no one would disagree with, and now it censors even numbers in the chat. Is it really a good idea to make another filter which would present the exact same issues, just with the power to automatically delete games without question?


I clearly stated in my post that explicitly naming your game to have “Pokemon” or “Fortnite” should be forbidden. I also outlines that staff would have full control over this blacklist and it would not function as the filter.

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When one gets taken down another goes up. Please add a simple title blacklist for words like “Pokemon” and “Fortnite”…


Another one on the front page…

Has Pokemon in the desc, most likely botted to the front page. Game passes are on another account/group so they are trying to hide where the money goes.