Auto formatting is very inconvenient

Things like - > or > > (write it without the space) is automatically converted into → and >> respectively. This is inconvenient as sometimes you don’t actually want it to be formatted. Currently, there is no way of removing this formatting.

--> this is a lua comment
-- this is a lua comment
-->> this is a lua comment

As you can see, it looks quite janky.

I don’t see the problem. I’d want direct characters over stuff like “->” since they can be understoof 0.002 secomds faster. Comments don’t look bad to me.

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What annoys me the most, is the emojis. If I want to write : P (without a space), I can’t, because it is automatically changed to :stuck_out_tongue:

And if there is a way to bypass this, then it is way too hidden. But please tell me how

Hey! Formatting for the code block was fixed accidentally after an issue was resolved in another thread:

Here’s what it looked like before:

Although, the fact still remains. It’s better to let the user decide what they want to do instead of forcing a specific look.


We’re looking into this one, thanks.


after playing around with the \ character (backslash), i’ve (kind of) found a way to do it, but it has to have a character at the end. if you try it waith no char or an invisible one, the :P. turns into :P\.

the bypass:


you can replace it with whatever emoticon you want btw

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