Auto generated image doesn't work


Auto generated images button on the site isn’t working.
It’s grey

It needs to be moderated. Either it got declined or you just need to wait longer.

Auto generated thumbnails get’s moderated now?
they didn’t before…
Also that place never got a real thumbnail now that it uses

How did you upload your thumbnail? When I go to the place it goes to the new one roblox enforced.

I didn’t upload any thumbnail, it’s auto generated “roblox’s new” icons.
But i want auto generated.

What’s the issue here then?

When I go to the page it loads fine.

I can’t hit “Set Thumbnail”, to make it show the auto generated.
It’s grey.
I can only hit the “auto generated Image” button up over the N/A image.

Can you show what you expect the screenshot to look like, i.e. what is the camera pointed at when you edit the game? Are you sure the thumbnail has gone by moderation already, because I just see one of the default thumbnails?

Also Studio Bugs is a strange category for this… you probably meant Web Bugs

I’ll include a picture of the in game thumbnail

It takes a while for it to show up and let you press Set Thumbnail… or at least that’s what happened to me, I had to wait a few seconds.

Well, i’ve waited since i posted the image (1 hour) ago.
And it’s still “white” thumbnail. And no option to hit.