Auto-generation Bridging

I had some ideas for this at first, but I didn’t know how to execute them well.

What I am attempting to do is curve an auto-generating bridge in such a way that it will connect these two points.
(The two Uruz structures (blocks with red runes on them))

This is important since my game revolves around traveling and exploring, and if you fall into the void you get kicked.

The two points are visible between islands, and I am going to link them with floating rocks which I should be able to do myself, I just need to understand how I should try to link them with a string of these rocks.

Since this game is going to infinitely generate, I am going to need this to be performant when generating and I’m not the best at that.

The gaps between these islands could be gigantic due to the way I plan to generate the islands, so I also need to figure out what I should do for that.

I could use a for loop and make sure it works with the distance, but then I’d need to find a way to curve it afterward so it doesn’t look weird.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Got it to generate in between with lerp, now I just need to figure out how I can curve it to look more natural. Still open for ideas on the curving issue.

Try Searching “bezier curve” in the forums, or google it.

I understand what bezier curves are and consider using them. I assume I would just move a part to the halfway point between (obviously) and just have it on the side that the first part is facing to give it a curve look. I will try it, but for now, I will just stick with what I have now.