Auto Import - Plugin for enhancing your Studio scripting experience

I’ve created an open-source plugin called “Auto Import” which automatically imports Services & Modules while writing scripts in Studio.



  • Automatic Imports: Just type the name, and the required Services & Module Scripts are imported.
  • Context-Specific Suggestions: Suggestions are tailored to the context of the current script (Server/Client/Shared accessible).
  • Flexible Filtering: Easily filter module and service import suggestions by various criteria like ancestors, ancestor types, modules, and services.

Coming Soon:

  • Enhanced Comments: Use comments to populate the import suggestion info window.
  • Smart Updating: Renaming or moving a Module Script? All require statements will be updated, with notifications for any issues.
  • Code Samples: Module import suggestions will include all public members (properties / methods) in the code sample.
  • Customizable Naming: Tailor imported module variable names to your needs. Example: All modules required in the ServerScriptService can end with Manager. Or maybe even be able to add suffix to name from the parent they’re stored in. (Module named Pets stored inside a Folder named Config would be imported as “PetsConfig”)
  • Nested Module Properties: Use a property inside nested module scripts to indicate which should be required instead of the first module

Useful for efficiently facilitating my workload, so thanks for sharing this!

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VERY useful plugin, I wish I could find this sooner :star_struck:

edit: there is a tiny bug where in the responseItemClass module on line 237, string.find sometimes returns nil which results in throwing an error in output