Auto-indent button

It would be really nice if there was a button that changed


for i = 1,10 do
print("Hello World")

To this.

for i = 1,10 do
   print("Hello World")

Obviously this usually happens automatically as you write the code, and I can easily just do it myself if it doesn’t, but when doing things like copy/pasting it can get really annoying to go through all of the lines and make sure that they are properly placed.

Anyways, obviously a very small request.


I know eclipse has something like this where you can press crtl+i

It’s very useful.

You’re probably looking for “auto-indent” or “auto-format” as term for this

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THANK YOU. The words were just not there when I searched for them.

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Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, sublime text?


Oh wow, that text editor looks freakin amazing.

I made a plugin that does this



Where’s our external script editor support @Silent137? :( It was mentioned at RDC 15 IIRC but unfortunately seems to have fallen off the radar.


Auto-formatting would be great. I’m always hitting the auto-format key combination I use at work and nothing happens :frowning:

Notepad++ master race get out

But yeah, I see a usage for a feature like this.

Here is a super awesome plugin made by a fellow user that provides external editor support through HttpService and some cool networking tricks. Definitely recommend you check it out. I haven’t edited a script in the Roblox script editor in months thanks to this plugin. Set up is extremely easy as well.

With the Studio team looking to improve the script editor I thought I’d revive this thread.

I’d find definite use for this as I’m always refactoring and throwing code around. It’s a waste of my time to be messing around with indent levels every time I move something. It would be far faster to be able to press a key combination and have everything become magically consistent.

While this is apparently achievable with plugins, this really feels like it should just be built in as a hotkey or context menu item within the script editor, rather than a plugin you have to leave the script editor to use.


Necropost - but it’s pretty shocking that Roblox studio doesn’t have this already. Instead of mashing backspace and up arrow key on loop to unindent a massive chunk of code after removing a if statement, I feel this would be a great addition, or at least have a “Fix Indentation” of selected or something along those lines. Or even something as simple as “Unindent Once” would help a ton.


I’m pretty sure Studio supports the Shift Tab shortcut to unindent a selection.

I would really appreciate being able to automatically indent/format bad unformatted code I get off the forum though.


Necroposting even further, but after more than three years:

Ladies and gentlemen, we got it.


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